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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update From the Country!

Greetings and Salutations friends and family! I thank you for stopping by and visiting me this day!

I don't know about any of you, but we have yet to really experience Spring here  in Forest Grove, OR. So far we have had record lows for our highs, and more rain for the month of June. The "keeper of the records" states we haven't been this wet and/or cold for many, many, many years. I know for myself, even though I did just spend 13 years in the hottest state of this country, I don't ever remember it being this wet or cold for June in the Pacific Northwest. So hearing it verified by said record keepers, I feel somewhat justified in my memories. (That's a good thing, because as I become "more mature" I find my memory isn't always what it use to be.)

I have been seeing and hearing from others around the country that they are experiencing some nice warm weather; such as 104+ degrees in the state I had vacated. I really don't miss those temperatures, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing some 80 degrees around here.

We did have two beautiful days last week. I hold onto those memories tightly, I don't know when we will see that much sun again. 

But in spite of the rain and cold weather, the garden is doing fairly well. I do think I may have lost a couple rows of seeds, because it has rained so much. If so, I will replant them. Hopefully we will get some warmer weather.

The chickens are flourishing. They are becoming quite big. Now, if only they will lay eggs. Having sixteen chickens, there should be some eggs showing up here soon. 

The two pheasants are now residing in the woodshed. They are still in a cage but they are doing well. Unfortunately for them, they are both hens, so that means they will both be joining us for dinner when they are a bit bigger; as the main course. 

Momma kitty and her babies are doing well. My son Nathan was going to try and tame the two male kittens, but has just recently decided that it was just too much trying to tame wild kitties. (He had them in his room and they made a mess of everything by messing in there. He should have never let them out the kennel..... kitties have a way of getting even.) So now all the kittens are reunited with momma kitty and are running wild outside. It really is a much better place for them. They will help keep the critter population down to a manageable state.

If you visited my book review site this past week you learned there was a winner for the drawing. That was a lot of fun. Next time I may try something a little bit different for a drawing. I hope to have another one soon. 

I did finally get caught up on the book reviews. I posted several in about two days. I had read all of the books, I just didn't have time to write the reviews. I have been working a lot of hours. Not that I am complaining, it just cut into some of my writing time. Now that they hired another part-time person, maybe I will get more time to write. I am way behind on my poetry and a book I am working on, not to mention I haven't written anything for Green Pastures in a long time. I have a few things to add to that page. 

I am very excited about next week. My sweetheart and I are going to go camping! We are going to go to the coast and camp and ride our quads and just relax. We will be meeting some friends at the campgrounds, so that will be fun. I am praying for beautiful weather. I haven't been to the coast for a long time. I am thankful that my dear husband has a nice camper to stay in, so if it does rain, we won't get wet. It has all of the conveniences a use-to-be-city girl like me can enjoy. Including a bathroom! 

Calvin is taking the crab-nets and is hoping to catch some yummy crabs. He went diving last week-end and came home with 14 butter clams, 9 crabs, some fish and oysters. (He bought the oysters!) We ate real good that night. I made some seafood chowder (for the very first time) and that came out real yummy. I had a recipe, used it as a guide, tweaked it a little and both Calvin and Nathan liked it! I have to say, my husband did have to help with the tweaking, but it was good!

Brrrrr..... I am going to have to light the woodstove and get some heat in here.   My fingernails are turning blue!

Until we meet again, may the Good Shepherd continue to guide you to green pastures to feed well and beside still waters to rest. 

Almost forgot..... there is a bible study taking place on-line at Women's Bible Study Cafe. It's going to be on the book of Ruth. If you haven't done so, sign up for it and get your workbook. It is going to be great. I am so looking forward to it, especially since I work most Sundays and don't get to go to church very often. The bible study only runs for 6 (six) weeks, so it's not drawn out. There is going to be women on-line from all over the country participating.  I do hope to see you there with us, studying the bible and fellowshipping with other women. It will be a real blessing for sure. 

Many blessing to you all! 

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