"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;" Psalm 45:1a

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update From the Country!

Greetings ya'll! I pray everyone has been well and blessed. It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, so I have a few things to get you caught up on!

Things are still hectic at work, which means I am still working lots of hours. I got one day off last week. So I haven't had time to do much, except work, eat and sleep and see my husband for an hour here and there.

The birthday party was great. Everyone showed up and we had a good time barbequeing and eating and just being a family. Calvin got a RC car/truck. It's one that he wanted, so Nathan and I got it for him. He's been having some fun with that! I was also able to find him all four of the Fast and Furious movies. That was a great find because my dear heart is such a stinker and can usually figure out what he is getting and he had no clue about those!

Our oldest son got married on the 27th of this month. It was a nice wedding. I have to say though, weddings in this family are a bit different, at least for my husband's children. This was the second wedding I attended and the girls wore flip-flops with semi and formal dresses. Hmmm.... can we say just a little red-necked here? Oh well, you gotta love them!

The weather here today is a bit damp. I have a feeling our summer, short as it was, is just about over. The weather forecasters say we are suppose to get a few more days of sun.... but... we'll see. Not that we don't need the rain, it will help with the fires.... but a little more sun would have been nice. (Maybe having spent the last 13 years in Arizona has something to do with wanting to see a bit more sun....)

Today is the last day to enter the book giveaway I am having on my book review site. So be sure to enter! There are two great books being offered.

This weekend I found several eggs in the hen house! How exciting was that! I had went in there to feed the chickens and roosters and saw eggs... we haven't had a chance to build them nesting boxes yet, so they were burying them in the dirt! Crazy birds! I have to go back in there today to look for more. They should be laying eggs every day.... Looks like I'll be taking eggs to family and co-workers!

My beloved picked the first ears of corn from our garden last night and we had barbequed corn with pork steaks. The corn is still a bit immature, but tasty! I've been picking green beans and beets and rutabagas for a while now. The potatoes and tomatoes are doing good... can't wait to pick those either. It's almost apple sauce time as well.... those apples are just about ready!

I did have this past Sunday off, so my darling and I and our son Nathan went to the Oregon State fair in Salem. That was a lot of fun! There was so much to see! We looked at farm equipment... dreaming about a new cat.... enjoyed the food there... looked at chickens (of course.) We also looked at some pigs.... I think we are going to buy one in a month or two. We rode the Fairlift from one end of the fair to the other. That was a good way to see what attractions we missed. Friends of our had their monster truck down there and were giving rides. That was neat! And we watched the dwarf cars race. Those things can go pretty fast. (For those who don't know, dwarf cars are big go-cart with bigger engines.... I didn't know either) All in all it was a good, relaxing time.

My sweetheart and son also indulged me by going through the art exhibits without too much complaining (hehehe)... actually we all did enjoy the paintings. There was one there that we agreed on was the best. It didn't even look like a painting, it looked like a photograph it was so good. Of course it was only $2000.00 if you wanted to buy it.... actually that would be a good investment. That artist is very talented. Not that we bought it. But I am sure someone did or will. I really had a great time with my husband and son.

Well, I think that's about it for now. The sawmill is still being put together. We had to wait for some parts to be made... we finally got those yesterday. We still have to get a motor for the lathe so Calvin can modify the flywheel for the engine that will run the sawmill. He's been doing some side work to earn a little extra money so we can afford these parts. Let me tell you what, that is one hard-working man. He isn't afraid of hard work or working long hours. Do pray for him though, strength for his body, health and good sleep. Working like he has and trying to stay awake for me (I'm still working the late shifts) is taking a toll. We got to see each other for about 45 minutes last night. He just couldn't stay awake, my dear husband.

Well my friends and family, I must go now.... it's time to get ready for work. I pray all of you will be blessed this week. I pray for safety, peace and joy for you as well. Keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine. May the blessing of our Lord and Savior rain down on you today.

Until we meet again.....

"I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust." Psalm 91:2 (NKJV)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Update From the Country!

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!" Eph 1:2 

I don't know about anyone else, but today I need that grace and peace! Things have been a bit topsey-turvey around here. Well, more so at work than anywhere else. But because things are so crazy at work, it has made things at home that way, as well.

I have been working 36 plus hours, all of them the closing shift, for the past 3 or more weeks. Needless to say, that doesn't leave me much time to spend with my husband, clean house, care for the garden or write.

I am having a birthday party here at the house Saturday and the place is a wreck! The party is just going to be family and friends, but still, a clean toilet would be nice!

My dear husband has been doing his best to stay up with me when I get home, but the poor man is ready to drop in his tracks! He just isn't getting enough sleep. It doesn't help if I watch tv or read in the bed, either. But he doesn't like going to sleep without me by his side. (He is such a sweetheart.)

Well, I can't remember if I told you all... but we have discovered we have not one, not two, nor three but four roosters in the hen house! Four of those leghorns are roosters! They are finally old enough to determine sex... maybe the giveaway was the fact they have large combs and wattles! Not to mention attitude! So.... three of those roosters are going to be dinner and we'll keep the one... until he gets mean. Then he becomes stew. Who knew those hens were hes!


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Hmmmm.... I know there was another one.... but I can't remember now.

Oh well..... It's time for me to go.... So many blessings to you and yours. Praying the Lord keep you safe. Until next time....

"Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen." Eph 6:24

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update From the Country!

Greetings to all of you, my family and friends, near and far. My prayer is that the Lord has blessed you and continues to bless each one of you, in Jesus name.

I must confess that this is a difficult month for me. My mother, who has gone to be with the Lord, and my oldest daughter, who isn't speaking to me still, have birthdays this month, along with my daughter's youngest daughter. So, it has me a bit sad and blue. Yet, at the same time, it is the month that my husband and youngest son celebrate their birth, so it's a happy time, as well.

Ok, ok, it's a bit of a rollercoaster, emotionally. I miss my mother, though she has been gone for 12 years. She became my dearest friend and I miss talking with her. I miss her wisdom and insight. But I know I will see her again, one day. I miss my daughter. I continue to pray for her and her children. And I ask all of my praying family and friends to continue to pray for her and the girls (Lily-Ann and Haley) as well. I received some disturbing information recently that has me on my knees.

We celebrated my son Nathan's birthday this past weekend. It was a wonderful time. My sister Colleen and her husband Roy came down from Washington to help us celebrate. My sister is so silly! We had lots of laughing and fellowshiping that day.

She wanted to hold a chicken, so I took her into the chicken house so she could catch one. (It's not as easy as you think! It took her a minute or two!) She finally caught one and was just estatic! Silly city girl (hehehehehehe). I still get excited about my chickens.... I did catch my favorite one for her to hold. Colleen had a good time in the hen house!

We showed them the sawmill. They were dutifully impressed (teeheehee). It's still a work in progress, but it's progressing more. Calvin has gotten the carriage on it. He even put a log on it, it does look quite impressive. I will show you some pics next time I write. He hasn't downloaded them yet.

We took a walk around the property and we talked and talked and talked. Now the guys (Calvin, Nathan and Roy) were making fun of Colleen and I. I don't understand why. We only look alike and sound alike and we laugh alike. The fellas had quite a laugh!

Calvin's parents came up for the party and so did Nathan's sister and family. Our good friends and neighbors come up as well. So we had quite a number of people here for cake and ice cream. It was a good time to be had. I hated to see it end. But Roy and Colleen had a ways to drive back home and it was getting late. I did make sure they got some produce from the garden to take home. And she brought my dear husband and I a blanket she crocheted. (It fit the bed perfectly!)

I was glad the weather cooperated. It wasn't too chilly nor was it hot. We did experience a bit of sprinkling.... but overall, it was decent weather. Not necessarily typical August weather in the Pacific Northwest.... but nice.

We have been having a bit of a cool spell lately, weather-wise. But the weather people have assured us that we will experince some summer weather this week. We are expected to get into the high 80's and lower 90's. I just hope it will be nice and warm for my sweetheart's birthday. It's the 21st, and we are going to have family over again, for it. Now if I remember to call everyone, that will be good!

I remember the year my daughter was born, it was the hottest summer this area had experienced in years. The weather people keep referring to it when they talk about what's going on now with the summer weather.

It's hard thinking about my husband's birthday without thinking about Minyon's. She was born the same date as he was. So, it's a bittersweet day for me, right now. I pray for the day when we can celebrate both of their birthdays together. What a blessing that will be. Until then, I thank the Good Lord for my beloved husband and I pray for my baby girl.

Well, I did get my sweetheart a birthday present... it's a ........ Surprise! I can't tell you what it is, in case he reads this. You will have to find out later. I sure hope he likes it. He really needed some new socks and underwear... Oooops! I told! Or did I?

The garden is doing well. But, I have a problem gopher that is being difficult to get rid of. And something has decided my green beans are delicious because they are eating them right to the ground. If it's the deer, and I already told them this, they are going to be dinner on my table yet! I went out there yesterday and found half of them gone!

The corn is alreay producing baby corn! How exciting! And the apples are just about ready to pick! One of the trees has good, sweet apples on it already, even though they aren't completely ripe yet. The squash has blossoms and the rest of the garden is flourishing! I thank the Lord for such good harvest.

Some other news.....

On my book review site LaTawnia Kintz Reviews I have a drawing taking place. Those who enter have an opportunity to win one of two books. So be sure to go over there and enter. There are some rules to the drawing (of course) and if you want to try for both books, you can do that as well. They are both good books.

I also just posted a book review on a Bible study. So go check that out as well. If you are looking for a Bible study, this might be of interest to you.

In closing....

I pray the week is filled with blessings for you. I pray that the week-end is a time to relax and have quality time with your family. And I pray that each one of you will be kept safe by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?" 1 John 5:5 (NKJV)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update From the Country!

Greetings to all of my family and friends!

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I last wrote! Where has the time gone? In fact, I'm having a hard time believing it's August, already! 

Happy Birthday to Maggie! And Happy Anniversary to Maggie and her husband, Mark! I will try to send you a personal email today or tomorrow. 

Saturday, our neighbors had a combined birthday party for friends and family members whose birthdays were/are the last week of July/first week of August. Our son, Nathan, is having a birthday August 4th. So Calvin and I went birthday present shopping. It's difficult to buy a present for a 25 year old young man. But after some investigative snooping we determined he would like a RC car. WOW! Who knew those things were so expensive! And that was a base model! We finally found one we thought he would like and it didn't quite break the bank. We gave it to him that night. (Neither one of us could wait to give it to him!) He has been enjoying it ever since!

Critter updates:

The chickens are doing good. No eggs yet, but I am still hoping. The pheasants are doing well, also. All of them are growing nicely. Soon it will be time to begin cooking!

We found a home for the two female kitties. Now if we could only find a home for the two boy kitties. Momma cat decided she liked motherhood so much she got pregnant again! So we will have another batch of kittens to get rid of. I'm thinking these will go to a shelter, or somewhere like that. And before she can get pregnant again, Momma cat is getting fixed. 

Garden update:

The garden is doing well. I picked a good bunch of bush beans last night, along with a few beets and rutabagas. The corn is getting tall and they are getting tassels! The carrots are still small, but doing well. And I finally found the parsnips! They don't seem to be doing as well as I would like. But, my husband says they usually don't. 

I have never grown brussel sprouts before, but aren't there suppose to be something like little cabbage heads? I'm not seeing anything like that. I wonder if I didn't do something I was suppose too? They are getting nice and tall but I ain't seeing any little cabbage heads! Suggestions anyone?

We do have a gopher in the garden. Possible two. So my dear husband has been setting gopher traps. There is a mound by the beets and one by the squash. I am going to get that thing yet! 

The squash is doing good. We finally have blossoms on them. And the tomatoes and potatoes are blooming and growing as well. Yummy tomatoes and potatoes! I can hardly wait. 

And the apple trees are just about ready! The apples are still growing and are just now beginning to turn color. The boysenberries and blackberries are just about ready for picking as well! Hmmmm..... yummy blackberry cobbler, blackberry jam, boysenberry jam, apple pies, apple sauce, apple crisp.... 

The dogs are doing better now that they are kenneled at night or while we are gone. They were going through a phase of making a mess on the floors. My husband was getting a bit upset. Not that I can blame him. I was getting tired of cleaning it up! So we have a kennel (one we used when we went camping last month) and they seem perfectly happy in it! Dumb dogs!

The sawmill is coming along slowly. I'll go down and take some pictures this week. Calvin is putting the track on now. That's for the carriage to roll on. He also has to put in a pulley system still. There is a bit more work to be done. But he hopes to have it finished soon. We still need to cut lumber to put a new roof on the house. That needs to be done before Fall gets here. 

It's hard some days to come home from work and then go to work at home! I had half a day off this past week that I used to clean the inside of the house because it had been somewhat neglected. I usually spend that half day out in the garden weeding. My husband comes home in the late afternoon from work and he goes out to work on the sawmill or something else that needs to be done. There is a lot that has to be done to keep this place going. Some days it just seems to be too much. Thankfully Nate helps us a lot. He will clear brush or help on the sawmill or whatever else is needed to be done. He will even help me in the garden. It's not easy when I work nights, Calvin works days and Nate works graveyard. But somehow we get it done!

Yesterday I didn't get out into the garden until around 4pm. I just didn't feel like doing it. But, once I got down there and got to working, I felt better. I managed to get about 8 hours of work done in four! The poor thing needed lots of water and weeding. I even got to use my new clippers on berry vines that were invading the corn!

Well my family and friends, there isn't much more to say today. No great words of wisdom or anything like that. But I do want to tell you about a great site to get some good preaching and teaching. Go to Faith Harvest Church and be encouraged, strengthened, and blessed by sound Biblical preaching and teaching. It's where I go to hear the Word of God. I know you will be blessed.

Until we meet again, I pray the Good Lord to watch over you this week. May He keep you and your family safe and sheltered in His arms. 

And I would like to leave you with this verse.....

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NKJV)