"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;" Psalm 45:1a


Fall Impressions

Misty mornings full of promises to come
give way to blue skies with the afternoon sun

School yards fill with laughing children
eager to learn new things 
with each clanging of the school bell ring

Summer is fading away 
as Fall makes her entrance

Crisp morning air giving way to sunny afternoons
that bow to the cooler evenings 
with each rising of the harvest moon

Reds, golds, browns and wines
the riotous colors of the leaves on the ground and trees
It's a beautiful yet bittersweet time
as the earth begins to prepare for sleep 

The tart yet sweet taste of hot apple cider on the tongue
the smell of woodsmoke fills the cool night air
Just a few of the many ways we know Fall is here

Pumpkins line the porches 
while canned goods line the shelves
Bring in the last harvest
Before winter decides to dwell

There's a taste in the air that only Fall brings
Hot apple pie and home-made bread
Turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce
Hot chocolate by the fire before you go to bed

These are my impressions of my favorite time of year

""While the earth remains, 
Seedtime and harvest,
And cold and heat,
And summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.""
Genesis 8:22 (NASB)

Written 9/28/2010

My Shepherd King

My heart is heavy today
for many reasons untold
But my Shepherd knows all things
So to Him I will boldly go

I sit at His feet humbly
Knowing He can see my heart
He reaches out to hold me
Giving me shelter in His arms

His voice gently telling me
how precious I am to Him
How He gave His life for me
So I am cleansed from all sin

I give my burdens to my Shepherd
Who once was the Perfect Lamb
He cleanses my heart with His blood
And imprints me in the palm of His hand

He gives me a heart of joy
As He assures me I am always His
Telling me nothing can separate us
As long as I confess my sins

He will always forgive me
And wash me clean with His blood
He will feed me with His Word
As He prepares my home above

My Shepherd will one day return
But not as a humble Lamb
He will ride a white horse
He is the King, He is I Am

I await His return with gladness
The eastern skies is where He will be
He will come back in clouds of glory
He is coming back for me

""In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also."" John 14:2-3 NKJV
Written 5/21/2010

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Book Lover

It's the smell, I think, that I love the best

A brand new book, hot off the press

Each page hold new secrets that must be explored

The smell of fresh ink, I absolutely adore

My favorite book, I just can not say

History, fiction, Shakespearean plays

Poetry, suspense, all put me in a mood

For a good cup of coffee with finger food.

When reading suspense, I reach for the covers

A good romance, over a box of tissue my hand hovers

Mysteries have me thinking “Aha!”

Poetry at times will make a tear fall

Whether the book is new or gently used

Makes me no matter, Bookworm I am accused

Everywhere I go you will see one in my hand

One in my purse, in the car, or pocket of pants

I am a book lover, with a voracious appetite

I don't just nibble, I take big bites

The thicker the book, the happier I am

But I'll read the little ones if I'm in a jam

Books that inspire, books with humor

Books with love and not too much fever

Books that inform, books on the past

Hardbound, paperback, just as long as they'll last

E-books are fine, I'm sure for those few

But for me, nope, no way, they just won't do

I have to hold it, caress it, smell the ink

Feel the paper, not click on a link

Call me old-fashioned, or fanatic will do

But books are meant to be held, just like me and you

They need to be loved, held close to the breast

They're meant to be treasured, passed to the next

Rereading a book is like having a conversation with your best friend

Some of my books I have read over and over in multiples of ten

You would know which one is my favorite, it's true

When you open it up and pages fall out on you

I am a book lover, this is what I live to do

I read books old, contemporary or even something by you

If I don't like it, you'll never hear me say

I will pass it on someone, a good home, for it to stay

If it's a book I like, you can rest assured

I will write about it, talk about it, my voice will be heard

I'll make mention of it on my blog

You can read about it, when on it you log

I am a book lover, this much is true

But one day I hope to have written a book just for you.

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The Lion's Eyes Poem

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John’s Race

As I race to the tomb
I fervently pray
May it be true
That my Lord rose today

Looking inside 
Where once He did lay
I see His folded garments
Where He had once lain

My eyes beheld the truth
My head was slow to receive
He is no longer here
But has risen indeed!

Written 3/31/2010

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Morning Sunrise

Every morning I see it

Yet it is always something new

Each one is familiar

Yet each one is new

It comes up from behind the hills

Sometimes shy, sometimes bold

Softly lighting the sky

with reds, yellows and gold

As it awakens the morning creatures

Something inside of me awakens as well

Hearing the birds singing

It is as if I had been in a spell

As it reaches the top of the trees

with is soft rays of light

I find I had been holding my breath

As it chased away the tendrils of night

Now that it's fully risen

I wonder if I will ever see again

Another as beautiful as this one

I can hardly wait for tomorrow to begin

Written February 18, 2010

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Morning Fog

Grey tendrils wrap around the trees
The birds are silent in their nests
All that is different that I can see
is the smoke coming from the chimney

As I stand outside to look around
The morning fog envelops me
It covers everything to the ground
The trees, the house, even the kitties

But as the sun rises this morn
The fog begins to lift its grey form
I am able to see the valley floor
As I stand outside on my porch

I look around and can finally see
Neighboring fires around me
Seeing their smoke rising says to me
I am not alone on this foggy morn

Written Feb 24, 2010

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