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Children Short Stories

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The following short children's story was written for my granddaughter, Lily-Ann. This is just one of a series that I am writing. I hope you enjoy it.

The Amazing Adventures of Princess Lily-Ann
No. 1 The Amazing Giraffe Ride

Princess Lily-Ann wasn't like all of the other princesses.
She didn't like dressing up in her fancy dresses or sitting around talking about boys.
What she would rather do is have adventures.
Princess Lily-Ann like to read stories about different places then she would go to those places.

She had just read a story about Africa and decided she wanted to go there to see it for herself.
She packed her back-pack and told her mom the Queen she would return in a month. Then off to Africa she went!

When she got to Africa, she was very happy to see it was more beautiful than what the book said.
She saw elephants; momma elephants, baby elephants and daddy elephants. There were many lions and different kinds of monkeys

The elephants would raise their trunks to wave at her. The lions roared a hello to her. And the monkeys chattered and swung through the branches of the trees, happy to see her.

When the zebras saw her, they galloped in circles around her and let her pet the baby zebras. She really liked their white and black stripes and the funny way they talked.

But her favorite of all the animals were the giraffes. The giraffes had long, long necks so they could reach the leaves in the trees. They ate a lot of leaves. The giraffes had light brown skin with darker spots to help them hide from the other animals. They also had very long tongues to clean their faces with after they were done eating.

Princess Lily-Ann liked the giraffes so much she asked the momma giraffe if she could ride one of the smaller giraffes. After thinking about it, the momma giraffe said it was okay. So Princess Lily-Ann got on the back of a giraffe named Kimu.

Kimu got down on her knees and Princess Lily-Ann climbed on her back. "Hold on tight, Princess Lily-Ann," said Kimu. Before Princess Lily-Ann knew it, she was ten feet in the air; and Kimu was off and running!

Kimu was three years old and she still liked to play and run. So she was happy to let Princess Lily-Ann ride on her back.

Kimu ran very fast. Princess Lily-Ann was delighted! Kimu was going so fast she felt like she was flying! Kimu ran past all of the other giraffes and past the zebras. She ran faster than the lions. She ran so fast the elephants could hardly see her. And the monkeys only felt the WHOOSH of her going by.

After running for some time Kimu began to get tired. So she took Princess Lily-Ann back to the other giraffes. Princess Lily-Ann hopped off Kimu's back and thanked her for such a wonderful ride. "Kimu, I will never forget the amazing ride you gave me. Thank you very much." Princess Lily-Ann told her.

"And thank you, momma giraffe for letting Kimu give me such a marvelous ride," she said.

The giraffes bowed their long necks good-bye to Princess Lily-Ann. And Princess Lily-Ann curtsied good-bye to them.

She waved good-bye to the zebras and they neighed good-bye to her. She shouted good-bye to the lions and they roared good-bye back. She said good-bye to the elephants as they nodded their big heads good-bye. And she danced good-bye to all of the monkeys.

When she got back home, her mom, the Queen, asked her about her trip to Africa. Princess Lily-Ann told her it was a wonderful trip and she had the most amazing giraffe ride. Then she yawned a big yawn and fell asleep dreaming about riding on Kimu the giraffe.

The end of this Adventure!

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  1. I will be adding more adventures. Please feel free to comment on them! I look forward to hearing from you!