"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;" Psalm 45:1a

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekly Update

I decided I needed a calm color to write in, today. It has been a bit maddening working on a computer that works at snail speed. I finally got two book reviews posted on the book review site. It only took me all day to do so. Grrrrr.......

Ok, deep breath.... 

Hi everyone! I hope your day is going better than what mine has been. Yes, I have been fighting with a computer all day long. I want to say I finally won... but I think the outcome has yet to be seen. I believe I need a computer doctor. This thing definitely has some issues.

Hmmmm.... Book reviews.... Oh yeah.... If you go over to my book review site you will see two new book reviews. Now...there is a twist to one of them. There will be a drawing for a book so you will want to read the reviews to find out how to enter it. 

I do hope everyone had a good week-end. It was a bit damp here in Forest Grove. The weather people told us sunshine and warm weather. Well, we got, liquid sunshine (that's rain to you non-Pacific Northwest people) and cold. Today has been liquid sunshine mixed with sunshine and cold. So I have had to keep a small fire going in the woodstove so me and the dogs and the chickens don't freeze.

Did I mention I have chickens? We bought them about two or three weeks ago. We got some pheasants as well. I can't believe how fast they have grown. They are ready to go outside and I don't have a place for them yet! They have to have an enclosed place so the coyotes don't eat them. 

Anyway, I have 16 chicks that are becoming chickens very quickly. Oh husband..... You need to fix their little home!

Speaking of husbands.... My husband, Calvin, went fishing over the week-end and came home with five beautiful trout. Mmmmmm.... were they ever good. I had forgotten how good fresh fish tastes.

I am going to have to cut this short. The computer is daring me to take a hammer to it. I know, I know, breath.... it will eventually work out in the end. But I have a feeling it might be the end for this computer!

Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week everyone. Don't forget to go over to my review website. I would like to see you all enter the drawing. I wish you all could win the book.... but you are all still winners to me! 


  1. Beautiful flowers! Maybe you should stick a vase full of them next to the computer and see if it inherits some of their steadiness and beauty. (Obviously, Bear is not a great computer repair person, but thinks it might be worth a try, anyway.)

  2. LOL! Bear you have good ideas...but I am thinking a hammer might be a better idea... when threatened with it, the computer seems to respond better.... But I will put the flowers next to it anyway... I need their steadiness and beauty! :-)

  3. It is so lovely to find a fellow PNW person with such beautiful thoughts on the web. Sometimes what the web produces is stickiness! :-) If you have a PC, you might want to go to your maintenance site and clean up your old files, then do a de-frag. It can speed things up tremendously.
    BTW - we are former PNW people.... couldn't take any more cold, damp or just plain wet, days any more. Our bones are too old. lol We discovered Mesa, AZ and are loving it. It is amazing where our precious Lord leads us.
    Here's hoping your computer behaves for the rest of the week.... however, if it's a PC.....well, sorry. lol