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Friday, May 21, 2010

Update from the Country!

This has been a busy week! I know I updated you all earlier this week. But I have a few things I wanted to share before I forget! 

An update on the chickens and pheasants: The chickens are thriving and getting big. They are still living outside in their little house. We still have to give them some windows, but they are handling the cold and wet well. We have been having some pretty wet, cold weather these past few days, unusual for this time of year. We even had hail yesterday. 

The pheasants didn't do so well, though. Out of the five, we have two left. They just got too cold and wet. Calvin and I brought the two survivors back in the house and got them warmed up. We held them in our hands close to our bodies as we stood next to the wood stove. I brought a cage back in the house for them to stay in for now. We will build them a better shelter outside, before they go back out. 

It just broke our hearts to see those three dead birds. Calvin buried them for me, so the critters won't get them, or the dogs. 

Some good news to share, the corn I planted some few weeks ago is finally coming up! I walked out to the garden yesterday with my dear husband and saw green stalks coming up, I was so happy and excited I did a little dance there in the garden. It was heartening to see new life after having seen death.

I wrote a new poem, it's posted on the Poetry page. Please take the time to read it and leave a comment, if you would. I enjoy reading your responses. I have also added something to the Green Pastures page. I hope that it will encourage you and help you in your walk. Even challenge you in your faith. Look for May 21, 2010.

My sweetheart and I will be going out tomorrow to the coast. He and a diving buddy of his will dive tomorrow, should the water be clear enough to see. Please keep us and especially Calvin and Mark in your prayers for safety and for a bountiful harvest of fish. 

It is time for me to work on an outline for a story I feel the need to write. I had a outline format on my computer, but now my computer can't open it up. So I have to make a new format. That will take some time. Grrrr..... sometimes  I think technology isn't really better! There is still something to be said for go old-fashion paper and pencil! 

As I bid you all adieu, I do pray that each one of you has a blessed week-end. I pray the good Lord will keep each one of you safe as you go about doing your week-end things. I pray He will bless your families sweetly and that you will not only sense His presence but be filled with His peace and joy. God bless you all.

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