"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;" Psalm 45:1a

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


People say home is where the heart is, and I have found it to be true. I had been living in Arizona for the past 13 years and in my heart I was still an Oregonian. I got to where I was so homesick for Oregon, it was all I could think about. Don't get me wrong, Arizona has a beauty of its own. There is some amazing scenery. But it isn't Oregon.

I have lots of family and friends who still live in Oregon. There were babies being born that I just knew I would never get to see, except on the internet. My arms ached to hold those great nieces or nephews.

The one person whom I never forgot and never stopped loving, still lived in Oregon. He was and is my true love.

He and I finally got together after many, many years. He found me on the internet. He drove all of the way down to Arizona, got me, married me on the way back to Oregon, and brought me home.

Home... it's the pine and fir trees growing on our property. It's watching the sunrise on our deck. It's the smell of green and growing things that only grow in Oregon. It's the sound of rain hitting the roof. It's the smell of wood buring in the wood stove, early in the morning as it takes the chill out of the house.

Home... It's not just a physical place, it is also an emotional place. It is a place in your heart. It is being with the person you know you were created to be with. It is knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be for the rest of your life.

I am so thankful to finally be home.


  1. Tonya, I love you. I just found this blog site of yours(had to, since YOU DIDN'T HAPPEN TO MENTION IT!). You're quite talented. I'm so happy for you and my brother. He truly needed you in his life, and it warms my heart to see him so happy. Plus, I think you're kinda cool, too. 8-) You know, Diane left us March 4, 2008. Just two short years ago, but it feels good to have a sister again. luv ya, God bless. Janet

  2. Thank you sweetie, I am so glad we are finally family now. Having you as my sister is the second biggest bonus. Being married to your brother is the best! I have always loved him and I always will. Hugs for you hun! And many blessings!