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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Forecast? Rain

Calvin and Jack relaxing watching Quad videos!

Can you believe that it is April already? Here in my neck of the woods we are still experiencing some winter. The trees are budding and some are flowering, but we are still having cold nights. Just last week we had a dusting of snow on the ground. 

As my husband and I went to church Sunday morning, we noticed some fresh snow on the hills. I realize I had been gone from my beloved Pacific Northwest for some time, but I don't remember seeing snow this late in the year. 

I am still keeping the wood-stove going, especially in the mornings because it is still so chilly. My poor little dogs curl up under their blankets that are in their beds. Getting them to go outside is sometimes a challenge. They look at me like I am crazy! Their response to going outside is, "What,  me go outside? In this cold? In the rain? Are you nuts? Don't you realize we are Arizona born animals? We only go outside when it's 100 degrees out!" 

Of course, since I am the human, I make them go out anyway. The chihuahua (Dorito) has a rain coat to wear, that he hates. The chihuahua/doxy mix (Jack) is a little tougher. But he will still shiver when it's real cold.

My husband, Calvin, is one of those people who really doesn't like inside animals. Or at least he use to be. Now at night time, after dinner, he will sit in his favorite chair and Jack will join him. Jack has taken a real shine to him, and that's pretty amazing since Jack was a dog that I rescued. He doesn't like men. It's the same with Dorito, he is a rescue dog as well who doesn't care for men. 

But it's good to see both of them liking Calvin. They will get all excited when they hear his truck coming up the driveway. Their ears will prick up and they cock their heads. Their tails start wagging and they start their happy "you're finally home" barking. It's a good thing to see.

Well, it's that time to get some house work done. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. And I pray it will be a safe one.

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  1. Dogs are an amazing part of families. It's good to read your story. I look forward to reading more.