"My heart is overflowing with a good theme;" Psalm 45:1a

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Greetings and blessings in the name of the Lord. Today is a day for updates.

Let me begin by saying winter is over here in the valley level of the Pacific Northwest. We had some lovely snow a day here and a day there; unlike our fellow citizens in the mid-west and east coast. We also had a bit of ice, but it wasn't horrible. 

I did go walk in the snow and enjoy the beauty of it on our property. While I was walking I did look for deer tracks. Not that I was going to shoot anything, I just wanted to see if the deer were enjoying the snow as well. 

The chickens have survived the winter as well. A couple did become dinner. But we decided to keep the rest as layers. They're pretty tough birds. We are going to get a some chicks to raise just for eating. They won't be allowed to get as old as my layers are. We'll be getting some pheasant chicks as well. I want some real pretty ones, for the feathers.

I have some WiP's going. That's Work in Progress. Since today is a day off, I'm hoping to get a couple of chapters done on the book and finally finish an article I've been working on. 

Oh, did I tell you I was writing a book? Well, I am. It's going to be a humorous book about real stories. I can't say much more than that. Other than it's really funny. I hope it'll sell well. 

I've been busy crocheting a baby blanket for my new granddaughter, Abigail. Our daughter Jen had a baby a few weeks ago. I've been busy what with work and all and with the carpel tunnel I'm not able to crochet like I use to. After a few hours I am in a lot of pain. I hope to get it finished this week. 

Our daughter in Arizona is going to have a baby, in August. So We'll be going down there to see her and help with her two girls. I hope to get to see every one down there, as well. Especially my best and dearest friends, Carole Ann and Maggie. As well as my dad and Judith, of course!

I've have been getting a lot of requests for reviewing books. And that's good. I like to do that. But, some of the books I have to turn away due to subject matter. Since I review Christian genre books many people think I will review books that deal with new age or some other religion or mix of Christianity and something else. I only review Christian genre books and even then I am selective. 

Mixing of religions.... that is definitely a problem and one that I am preparing to write about. So keep your eyes open. There will be a couple of new articles coming out, soon. 

It's that time for me to go. I have work calling me, here at home today. I have to finish one of the articles I'm working on, finish reading a couple of books for review and write at least a couple of chapters on my book. Oh yeah, gather eggs, go grocery shopping, cook dinner.... there just isn't enough hours in a day! Or I just am doing too much! Oh well, nothing like keeping busy!

I do pray that each and every one of you have a blessed week. I pray your walk with the Lord is strengthened and your light shines for all those who are in the darkness. 

This is a wonderful song by a very talented young woman. I pray it blesses you. I tried to post the video here, but it didn't work. So here is the link. Enjoy!

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